Isabellalovestory - Class of 2020

Isabella Lovestory


Where are you from?


What was life like in Honduras?

Honduras was beautiful. I l grew up all over the country, my dad is from the Caribbean side, and my mom is from the capital Tegucigalpa. I lived in the mountains with amazing nature, it was super freeing. I was constantly surrounded by family and incredible food. But Honduras was very dangerous, I was involved in a shooting at a food court. I think it was gang related, I came out fine but it was super scary I was like 12 at the time.

How did you start making music?

I was at Concordia studying art but I was more of a visual artist, I drew a lot. I got my first cat around that time and I thought “you’re so perfect you deserve a song”. So I recorded a song about my cat on garageband using a free beat I found on youtube. I wanted to create a persona that I could rely on to make music. I wasn’t taking it super seriously because I was still going to school, I thought of it as more of a joke. I kept doing it because I really enjoyed making music and it was really easy for me to write songs. This producer from New York named Chicken messaged me on instagram and we’ve been working together ever since. We made a song called Humo that was super successful so Chicken’s manager also started managing me.

What’s it like being a Latin musician in Canada?

Honestly it’s good. I feel like people are finally starting to recognize reggaeton since it’s becoming more mainstream. I’m still definitely underground tho, so there is more work to be done.

What’s your daily routine?

I wake up, actually it’s hard for me to wake up because my cats come to cuddle me as soon as I try to get out of bed. I love coffee, I make mine the night before and put it in the fridge so it’s cold in the morning. My breakfast is usually tortillas with eggs and beans. In the afternoon, I make music then I’ll usually call my manager to see what’s up. I try to watch movies most nights if I’m staying in.

How did you get the name?

I thought it sounded cute, all these bitches have short names so I wanted to do the opposite. I really just wanted to be different.

How would you describe your craft?

I hate that question! I’d say sexy, passionate, fun. Definitely fun, but sexy fun. I’d say unique and authentic as well.

When do you feel the most creative/What’s the vibe when you’re making music?

Really early on coffee or really late on tequila. The vibe when I make music is intense, I write music very fast. I like to be alone, only my producer and sound engineer. I usually travel to New York to record.

What did you want to be as a kid?

I wanted to be a popstar, I always felt like it.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

In Roatan, it’s a paradisiacal island in Honduras. I feel like I flourish near the beach.

What’s your favourite song of all time and why?

Felina by Hector & Tito, it makes me feel all sorts of emotions when I listen to it, it’s sad but sexy.

What’s next for you?

Lots of new music, hopefully I’ll be in a major movie soon. We taking over everything!

Artist: Isabella Lovestory @isabellalovestory
photography: Koku Awuye
Words: Yasmine Seck & Alpha Oumarou