Newman - Class of 2020



How did you start making music?

I started off as a dancer, I slowly started releasing music two years ago and I’ve been taking music seriously since then.

How would you describe your style?

I make afrobeats and Kizompa, a blend of Kompa and Kiz. In general, I tend to do a bit of everything: Kizompa, Afro, Traplove, RnB.

As an artist, what sparks your creativity?

My past experiences, the people surrounding me and certain artists that are compatible with my artistic vision.

What do you like to talk about in your music?

Women…because they fascinate me. Seduction, love and relationships in general.

Who inspires you the most?

Fally Ipupa for what he’s accomplished, his story, talent and charisma.

What do you think of the Montreal music scene?

I love the blend of cultures. In certain parts it feels like the US but other areas feel like Europe.

How do you feel about being a francophone artist in North America?

Being a francophone artist in North America is a good thing. We really need it when you look at all the francophone immigrants here. The tough part is that there is little promotion or support so it makes it hard to be recognized here or internationally no matter your potential.

What’s next for you?

I have a lot of music videos coming out. I’m also working on an EP, that’s going to be done soon.

Artist: Newman Kn7 @newman_kn7
photography: Koku Awuye
Words: Yasmine Seck & Alpha Oumarou